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Your Warranty from the Alarm Clock Doc:

We offer warranties that range from 90 days to two years, as you will see on the detail page for each clock.   The warranty we offer is equal to or longer than the warranty offered by the manufacturer when the clock was new. Your warranty is this:  Your clock will run and alarm as originally intended by the manufacturer, or we will repair your clock during the warranty period and ship the clock back to you at our expense.   During the first thirty days of your warranty we will reimburse the cost of your shipping the clock to us.  After thirty days, you are responsible for shipping costs to return your clock for warranty repair.

Our warranty is not transferable, unless you make arrangements with us.  (i.e. - You are buying a gift for someone.)

We are not responsible for repairs of clocks that have been damaged, altered, disassembled, dropped, or otherwise abused.

We make no warranty that our alarm clocks are suited for any particular purpose,

and are not responsible for direct, indirect or consequential damages.

For questions about your warranty, email us at

CLICK the image above to see the written warranty you will receive

Please email us before shipping your clock back to us for warranty repairs.