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My name is Jim Thompson, aka, the Alarm Clock Doc.  I have been collecting and restoring antique clocks for over 30 years.  My specialty since 1996 has been mechanical alarm clock restoration and sales.   The business first started on eBay and we launched this website in 2000.   This is a family owned business, but is basically a one man operation.  I do all of the buying, selling, restoration, website design and maintenance, photography, etc, etc, etc.  We do not list a phone number on our site, because it is much more practical for us to respond to email correspondence.

We are one of the only alarm clock specialty companies currently in the US that offers original vintage clock sales and restoration services.   Most clock repair shops won't touch alarm clocks, because they don't believe they are worth the effort.  If the truth was known, other shops don't know how to work on alarm clocks.  Like many other specialties, it's not for everyone.

We do not alter clocks from their original designs.  We do not install  fake dials to create "rare" versions of standard clocks.   We make every attempt to describe and photograph our clocks so you truly understand what you are buying.  Our reputation depends on this honesty, and we will not ever change this policy.

We made the decision to only sell to customers with addresses in the United States several years ago.   Through painful experience, we found that 1 in 4 international orders were fraudulent.   Even when buyers were well-intentioned, we had practically no control over delivery services, had no way to track packages in most countries, and basically, just had bad delivery experiences.   In addition, the fulfillment of our warranty promise was not practical, as shipping costs were four or more times the cost of those in the USA.

If you have any questions about our website, our clocks, or our services, please email me at