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Average prices for Mechanical alarm clock


1908-1979 Big Bens by Westclox - $125.00, plus parts, plus shipping.

1908-1979 Baby Bens by Westclox - $125.00, plus parts, plus shipping.


All pricing and warranty offers for restorations will be provided after examination by the Doc.

Prices quoted will be firm.  You have the option to decide if the pricing is right for your project.


Warranties offer will be appropriate for your clock, but will never be less than the original warranty offered by the manufacturer.


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To send your clock to the Doc for examination and a price quote, clock the "Add to Cart" button below.  By clicking the button, you will be led to the PayPal site to pay for return shipping of your clock.  This also notifies us that your clock is on the way.  Next, ship your clock to us:


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