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helps you tell the age your Westclox alarm clock!

During their peak of popularity, Westclox sold many, many repair parts for their clocks.  As a result, they needed to help clockmakers identify the parts they need by the use of catalogs and a part number.   Many of the parts on Big Bens and Baby Bens were interchangeable for many years, but there were just enough modifications in the design to cause confusion.  


So, Westclox date stamped the movements in their clocks until the late 1970s.  In the early days, until the mid 1930s, Westclox stamped the month, day and year.   After that time period, they only stamped the month and year.   The problem is that most collectors would have a difficult time opening their clocks and viewing the stamped date between the plates of the movement.


There are several other ways to get an approximate date for your clock, or at least, a range of dates.   If you have a Big or Baby Ben, use this identifier page for a range of dates for each model:


For other styles of Westclox clocks, visit this site by my friend Bill Stoddard.