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1949 "Severn" alarm clock

by Seth Thomas

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About the Severn model

During the 1940s and 1950s, when General Time owned both Westclox and Seth Thomas, the Seth Thomas group sold a series of alarm clocks that utilized the Westclox Baby Ben movements of the period.  The Severn model was one of the most popular.


1948 Newspaper Ad

Model:  1949 Severn

Made by:   Seth Thomas

Stock No:  VINT1293

Features:  This model utilized a Westclox Baby Ben movement, which has a soft ticking sound and a loud alarm.   There is a switch on the back to choose a "Loud" or "Soft" alarm setting. Mahogany finish.

Dimensions:  3 7/8"" tall

Condition:  The movement has been serviced and it runs and alarms as it should.  The original dial is NEAR MINT.  The wood finish is EXCELLENT  The original paint is 99% intact.

Date of manufacture:  June, 1949

Place of Manufacture:  Thomaston, CT,  USA

Warranty:   Two Years


Price: $175.00