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1957 Clock of Tomorrow

Chime Alarm Clock


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(1960 newspaper ad)

The Clock of Tomorrow was an elegant and expensive clock, retailing for $12.50 at its introduction in mid-1955. In comparison, Big Ben Loud Alarm Luminous retailed for $7.95 at the time. Clock of tomorrow was made through 1959. It was made in a white case with white dial, and black case with black dial. Both case colors have gold colored trim. The Clock of Tomorrow has a chime alarm sound.   The case was designed by Ellworth Danz.

Model:  Clock of Tomorrow

Made by:   Westclox

Stock No: 1276

Features:  This is a very nice example of the Clock of Tomorrow.  The alarm starts off slowly and then speeds up.  The movement has a soft ticking sound.

Dimensions:  5 1/4" tall, 4" wide at the base

Condition:  The movement has been serviced and it runs and alarms as it should. This clock is EXCELLENT throughout, showing only minor indications of use.

Date of manufacture:  December, 1957

Place of Manufacture:  LaSalle, IL., USA

Warranty:   Two Years

Price:   $295.00