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1944 Waralarm

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History of the Waralarm

During WWII the government required that many manufacturing facilities stop production of their normal goods, to produce much needed items for the war effort.   This included Westclox, and other manufacturers.   Westclox made fuses, telegraph keys and other items.  Starting in late 1943, the government allowed manufacturer of a limited number of alarm clocks, using less critical material, to be produced. 

The result was the Waralarm, by Westclox. 

Maximum price was set at $1.65.


Model:  Waralarm

Made by:   Westclox

Stock No: 1270

Features:  This is a very nice example of the Waralarm.   Because materials were scarce during the war, the case was made of pressed wood fiber.  The movement plates were made of thinner aluminum.  The alarm hammer strikes a plate instead of a bell.  There is no doubt that these clocks were designed to fit a short term need until normal manufacturing was allowed to resume at the close of World War II.  These are collector's clocks, popular with clock collectors as well as collectors of war items.   I would not recommend using these clocks everyday (you could, but it would shorten the life.)

Dimensions:  5 1/4" tall, 4" wide at the base

Condition:  The movement has been serviced and it runs and alarms as it should. This clock is VERY GOOD throughout, showing only minor indications of use. The dial has a couple of minor imperfections if you look closely.

Date of manufacture: March, 1944

Place of Manufacture:  LaSalle, IL., USA

Warranty:   90 days (same as new)

Price:   $165.00