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1960 "Columbia" alarm clock

by Columbia Time Products

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  Columbia Time Products.

During the 50s and 60s, Westclox produced a series of clock models under the name Columbia Time Products.   They applied for the trademark name in 1955.  There was no attempt to disguise where the clocks were made, the Westclox patent numbers, or other information.  I have never heard an explanation of why they started this alternate line


Model:  1960 Columbia

Made by:   Columbia Time Products

Stock No:  VINT1232

Features:  The Columbia has a medium ticking sound and loud alarm on an internal bell.  The clock utilizes the series 66 movement, which Westclox kept in production for more than 30 years.

Dimensions: 4" tall

Condition:  The movement has been serviced and it runs and alarms as it should.  This clock has never been used.  It is perfect in every regard.  We are selling it complete with the original box and instructions.

Date of manufacture: January 1960

Place of Manufacture:  LaSalle, Illinois, USA

Warranty:   Two Years


Price: $185.00,  plus free shipping