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1976 "Paddlewheel" Animated Twin Bell

alarm clock

  by Robert Shaw Controls Company

Lux Time Division

Stock No. VINT1156

We were fortunate enough to find a dozen of these animated alarm clocks, in mint condition, in their original boxes

As the clock ticks, the steamboat paddlewheel turns.

This model has a loud ticking sound and rings the alarm on twin bells.


The clock is 6" tall.  The dial is 3 3/4" in diameter. 


About the Lux Clock Manufacturing Company:

    The Lux Clock Manufacturing Company of Waterbury, Connecticut was founded in 1914 by Paul Lux (1868-1947), his wife Caroline,

and their two sons, Fred and Herman. It is thought that at that time The Lux Clock Mfg. Company produced only clock movements. In the years

 that followed, as the business grew, the company moved to larger buildings, only to have nearly everything destroyed by fire. The company

was rebuilt with the help of family and friends, and in the 1920s a larger plant was built at 95 Johnson Street, Waterbury, Connecticut, which was expanded in 1931 and in 1936. During this period, the Lux Clock Mfg. Company produced 3,000 clocks per day. The Lux Clock Mfg. Company produced

clocks until 1941, at which time they made war related products. Clock production resumed after the war. In 1954, a plant was established in Lebanon, Tennessee, a plant in Oakville, Ontario, Canada opened in the late 1950ís. In June of 1961 The Robertshaw-Fulton Controls Company bought

out the Lux clock Mfg. Company and produced clocks and timers with the Robertshaw Controls Company, Lux Time Division name.

In 1986, Robertshaw Controls Company was sold to the Siebe group, of London, England. Kitchen timers that carry the LUX name are being produced to this day, although not by the original Lux Clock Company.


Made in Lebanon, Tennsessee,  USA  


CONDITION of the clock:

This clock is unused, new in the box.  We will remove it from the box and service the movement before shipping to you.


One year warranty.

Price $185.00





We ship to the USA only.  All clocks subject to prior sale.


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