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1969 Baby Ben alarm clock

style 7

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About the style 7 Baby Ben

 The style 7 was designed by Ellworth Danz. 

It was manufactured from 1956 until 1964.

Westclox re-introduced the style in the late 60s through the 1970s. 

Model:  1969 Baby Ben, Style 7

Made by:   Westclox

Stock No:  VINT1344

Features:  The style 7 has a softer ticking sound and loud alarm.   Separate winders for time and alarm.  "Loud" or "Soft" alarm setting.

Dimensions:  3 3/8"" tall

Condition:  The movement has been serviced and it runs and alarms as it should.  The original dial is VERY GOOD.  The original paint is VERY GOOD.  No dings or dents in the brass bezel.

Date of manufacture:  The movement is undated, but it is exactly like another 1969 dated clock I have listed.

Place of Manufacture:  LaSalle, Illinois, USA

Warranty:   Two Years


Price: $85.00